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Subject: College Boys - Part SevenUsual disclaimers apply. This is a work of fiction.
All rights reserved by the author. If you are
underage, object to gay erotic fiction, or it is illegal
where you are, please leave now!
College Boys - Part Seven
Cindy Draper was a highly respectable girl who came from a good
middle-class family. The rumors that had circulated regarding her
sexual promiscuity were entirely unfounded. However, she had a
voluptuous look about her that suggested otherwise and she had
always been a bit of a flirt in a harmless way. She had fallen for
Charlie Smithers in a big way while in junior high school and
eventually, when they were both sixteen, she had lost her virginity
to him. He would never commit to her but at the same time he never
indicated to her outright that they had no future together. He
dated other girls and in fact had a steady girl friend named
Heather, but Cindy kept her hopes up and really was so besotted
with him that she could not bring herself to dump him outright.
Not surprisingly, he was happy to keep her on the fringes of his
romantic life.When Charlie had approached her with the plan to discredit Bradley
Pierce with the object of allowing his brother Dallas to attend
college, Cindy had been most reluctant to agree. The whole plan
was dishonest in her eyes but Charlie had bad-mouthed Brad and made
Dallas out to be a victim. Preteen Bikini Models
He had been so persistent that she had
finally agreed to participate in the plan more to get rid of
Charlie than anything else. However, having once agreed, Charlie
was not about to let her withdraw and told her that, if she did
pull out, the two of them were through.She had never expected her father to report her accusation against
Brad to the police and she had made the biggest mistake of her life
when she allowed herself to be coerced by Charlie into not
recanting her accusation. In addition she had always been honest
with her father and he did not doubt the veracity of her claims for
a moment. If she had recanted, she would have lost her father’s
trust forever.When eventually a sentence of enslavement had been handed down on
Brad, she had been mortified. She had terrible remorse, had a lot
of trouble sleeping, and became depressed. Her parents became
extremely worried about her state of mind but nothing they did or
said seemed to help in any way. In the end they acquiesced to her
wishes and left her alone with her demons.Cindy had lived with this guilt for two years and when, at the
party at the Parker estate, she had laid eyes on Brad again, and
seen how the pleasant boy she had spent the evening with at
Charlie’s graduation party had been reduced to a mockery of his
true self, all her terrible misgivings resurfaced. Rick had turned
Brad into a clown, and all three of them, Preteen Bikini Models Rick, Charlie and Brad’s
own brother Preteen Bikini Models Dallas, were treating him as the most common of slaves
and seemingly with no consideration whatsoever. Their behavior was
absolutely outrageous. Cindy decided there and then that, whatever
the consequences, something had to be done to redress the terrible
wrong that had been perpetrated on Brad. —————————
——————Aldo Nucci, Sunninghill’s Chief of Police, was surprised when he
received a call from Cindy Draper, George Draper’s youngest kid,
requesting an appointment with him. He hadn’t seen her since that
awful incident a couple of years back when she had been the victim
of a sexual assault, and he couldn’t imagine what reason she might
have in wanting to see him now. His curiosity was further aroused
by the fact that she had requested him not to mention anything to
her father.Aldo was impressed with Cindy’s demeanor; no longer was she the
insecure young girl of two years ago but rather a very self-
possessed young woman. She accepted the offer of a cup of tea Preteen Bikini Models and
then proceeded to outline in every detail what had taken place
prior to the enslavement of Bradley Pierce. Aldo sat in his chair
and allowed her to finish her story without interruption. He could
barely believe his ears but her intensity left him in no doubt that
she was in fact telling the truth. When she was through he
impressed upon her how serious the implications were of what she
was alleging and asked whether she would be prepared to make a full
statement. Cindy replied “Mr. Nucci, I’m not here to play games.
I’ve lived with this shame for two years and I intend now to bring
it out into the open and let the law take its course.” Aldo Preteen Bikini Models took
her statement and instructed her to say nothing to any one else.Aldo immediately contacted the local District Attorney’s office and
at a hastily arranged meeting relayed the story he had been told.
The DA, Wendy Halliburton, listened without interruption.”Aldo, as you know, involvement in wrongful enslavement is a felony
of the most serious nature. When the Slave Act was re-introduced,
it was envisaged that there might be scope for skullduggery and
therefore the penalties for such involvement were made dire.
Furthermore guidelines laid down by the Federal authorities make it
incumbent on local authorities to pursue such cases with the utmost
vigor. There can be no pussyfooting about and the fact that
influential members of the community may be involved can’t be
allowed to intrude. I suggest that, since the Draper girl has now
made a formal statement, you proceed to take the three boys
simultaneously into custody and Preteen Bikini Models
hold them at different points to be
interrogated. I’ve no doubt that the individual lawyers acting on
their behalf will be motivated to save their own client’s skin and
not be too concerned about the avoidance of laying the blame on the
others.” ———————————
——————–At 5 o’clock the following morning, three police cars descended on
the homes of Rick, Charlie and Dallas and they were taken into
custody for questioning. By eight o’clock their fathers had
obtained the services of lawyers who were present when the
interrogations began. The boys were not aware that Cindy had made
a statement nor that their respective co-conspirators had also been
taken into custody. The officers questioning them, however, seemed
to have all the facts at their fingertips and it became Preteen Bikini Models difficult
to decide where to draw the line in their answers and they were
soon contradicting themselves. After about three hours they were
informed that Cindy had made a full statement implicating them and
all three were formally charged. At a bail hearing later that day,
the prosecution requested that they be held in custody so as avoid
their collaborating with each other and the possibility of witness
tampering. Bail was denied and the trial date was set for the
following Monday at ten.Cindy Draper was taken into custody later that day and also
charged. She agreed to testify on behalf of the state and under a
plea bargain accepted a sentence of five years in a minimum
security facility. Of those five years she would serve two before
being placed on probation. Pending the outcome of the trial Preteen Bikini Models
would remain in custody. ———————
———————-On the following Monday morning the trial commenced surrounded by
intense public interest. Not only was it the first trial of that
nature in the county, but the accused were well known in the
community and, certainly in the case of Rick and Charlie, came from
influential families.All three of the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge of
“having participated in an act of bringing about the wrongful
enslavement of a free person, whether directly or indirectly, with
or without malice, and whether by intent or otherwise”. All three
of the boys’ lawyers made much of the fact that there had been no
intent to have the victim charged with any offence whatsoever and
that the extent of their culpability lay in endeavoring to present
the victim in a bad light to his father with a certain objective in
mind. This had been the testimony of the state’s own witness.
Rick’s lawyer also contended that his client had not participated
directly in the plan.The judge in summing up said he recognized the strength of the
argument regarding intent. However, he felt that the lack of
intent was far outweighed by the callous actions of the accused
after their plan had gone so badly wrong. None of the accused,
including Richard Parker, had come forward to right the grievous
wrong that had been inflicted on the victim and not one of the
accused had expressed the slightest remorse. Had it not been for
the coming forward of the state’s witness, the injustice inflicted
on the victim would not have been uncovered. An horrendous aspect
of the case was that the victim was at present in service as a
slave to all three of the accused. The judge continued “Looking
at the wording of the Act itself, it is clear that its terms have
been contravened; as it clearly states “by intent OR OTHERWISE”.
In all the circumstances, I find all three of the accused guilty of
the charge and they are hereby sentenced to lifetime servitude in
slavery. Any right of appeal is denied.”Pandemonium broke out in the court but was soon suppressed. The
three accused were stripped, collared and manacled and hustled out
of the court to one of the waiting transporters drawn up at the
loading bay.Rick, Charlie and Dallas were warehoused and initially processed at
SSI in the same way that Rick had been but were spared the
indignity of an auction. The state had recently launched a huge
public works program and they were consigned to the State Slave
Service Bureau (known as the SSSB) which provided the labor for the
roads, canals and dams under construction. —————————-
———————-Slaves live in a cocoon of ignorance about the outside world and
current affairs. Masters are concerned that their slaves’ minds
should be fully focused on their work with no distractions Preteen Bikini Models
and it
is rare that they are granted the privilege of access to normal TV,
radio, magazines and newspapers. This was the case at the Parker
estate where we had access to the three slave TV channels only. I
was unaware therefore that Preteen Bikini Models
Rick had been taken into custody; I was
merely told that he was “away” and instructed by James to carry on
with my work. Bobby too never alluded to it.When the trial was over, James called me aside one evening and,
under an oath of secrecy, informed me what had taken place. He had
the free run of the house and had read an account of the trial in a
newspaper lying around in Jack Parker’s office. I was stunned and
asked James what would happen now. He had no idea and advised me
to say or do nothing until the Preteen Bikini Models Master said something to me about
the matter. I was terrified that the Master and Bobby too would
blame me for what had befallen Rick. James informed me a day or
two later that the Master was devastated by what had happened and
couldn’t comprehend that his eldest son had been enslaved. He had
closeted himself in his study and Bobby was highly concerned about
his welfare. The following morning, Preteen Bikini Models
on receiving no reply to
repeated knocks on the study door, James had entered and found his
Master slumped over the desk. He had taken his own life.Bobby, having now turned Preteen Bikini Models eighteen, the age of majority in our
state, took unfettered control of the Parker family fortune. Rick,
having been enslaved, was precluded from benefiting under his
father’s will. ————————–
—————–The management of the Parker estate and businesses had fallen
entirely on Bobby’s shoulders and, after consulting with the family
solicitors, he decided he would not be able to leave Sunninghill to
go to college. He Preteen Bikini Models would manage the estate himself and rely upon
the management of the various family businesses to conduct the
affairs of those businesses in consultation with himself. He would
slowly take a more active role in running those concerns as time
went by. Preteen Bikini Models ———————-
—————————Whether or not Bobby was aware that I knew of the trial and of its
outcome I did not know. Nothing was said to me and I continued to
serve as his personal slave as before. I devoted my unoccupied
time to assisting James with the maintenance of the house.One evening when I was turning down his bed, Bobby indicated to me
that at ten o’clock the next morning someone would be at the house
to talk with me and I should be available in his father’s office at
that time. At ten the next morning I stood waiting in Jack
Parker’s old office as I had been instructed to do when James
showed a lady in and indicated to her that I was the slave Ringo.
She held out her hand but I merely bowed deeply and said “Ma’am.”
She went behind the desk and asked me to take a seat. I declined
politely merely saying that I would stand.She introduced herself as Wendy Halliburton, the District Attorney,
and proceeded to bring me up to speed with what had taken place
since Cindy Draper had come forward with her testimony. She
informed me that technically I was now a free person but that had
to formalized by my applying to the courts for an order rescinding
my enslavement. When that was issued I would have the means to
have my collar and slave tattoos removed by the slave control
authorities and I could resume my life as a free person. She
smiled and gave me the impression that she was saying something
along the lines of “It’s as simple as that!” She said that if I
required any legal advice I was welcome to contact her. She smiled
again, got up and prepared to leave. I bowed deeply again and said
“Thank you, Ma’am.”My mind was in turmoil. Although I had been expecting something
like this to happen, now that it had I was bewildered. For two
years I had not been required to make any decisions: everything
that I did was at the command of my Masters. Suddenly I was being
called upon to assume responsibility for my own destiny. I was Preteen Bikini Models not
sure that I was capable of managing such a change. I had
subconsciously assumed the mind of a slave and I was content in
that state. If I obeyed my Master without question and with speed
and efficiency, I knew I was safe in the cocoon of my slavery. I
could rely upon him to decide what was best for me in serving his
needs. I accepted my Master as my personal God who had the power
of life and death over me. But I knew that provided I served him
well, I was safe. I no longer thought of myself as a free man or
as a victim; I had accepted my fate and I was happy. Who had the
right to change that?I slept a troubled sleep that night. ———————-
————————The following morning I took Bobby’s breakfast tray up to his room
and, when he had eaten, helped him dress after he had showered. He
suddenly said, “Ringo, we have to talk.”He continued. “I take it the DA lady has explained to you fully
what your current legal status Preteen Bikini Models is?”I confirmed that she had and he then asked me what I intended to
do.I replied, “Master Robert, I am very happy serving you and with
your permission I would like to continue to do so.”He seemed a little surprised, thought for a moment, then said,
“You are a good slave and I am pleased you value me as your Master.
My brother always told me that deep down a Master would always be a
Master and that a slave would always be a slave. I think both you
and I probably agree with that assessment. Ringo, after what has
gone before, I could never accept you as some kind of
slave/employee who had the right at any time to leave and become a
free man, or had any other right for that matter. I could only
accept your continued presence here on the estate as a slave,
nothing less. Furthermore, I could not run the risk of being
charged by the authorities with abusing you as a slave whilst in
fact you were technically a free man. The question of insurance
also enters into the equation.”I looked him fully in the eyes and responded, “Master, are you
saying you wish me to leave?”He smiled and replied, “Ringo, what I am saying is that if I
allowed you to stay, it could only be on a Master/slave basis. Do
you understand?”"I understand fully Master. It is what I wish to do.”Bobby thought for a moment then said, “Very well. I will have the
papers drawn up. In the meantime continue with your duties as
before.”I bowed, said “Thank you, Master” and left the room.I was Preteen Bikini Models summoned into Bobby’s office a few days later. His attorney
was present and had before him a document entitled “Voluntary
Enslavement Contract”. He explained to me that the legal effect of
the document was that I would denounce my right in perpetuity to
apply to the courts for invalidation of my original enslavement
order and that I was enslaving myself voluntarily to Robert Parker
for an initial period of five years. The said Robert Parker would
have the right to renew the contract on an ongoing basis for
periods of five years at a time. I was asked if I fully understood
the terms of the document and, on agreeing, I was asked to sign it.I thus became Bobby’s fully owned property. —————————–
——————As far as I was concerned, things reverted to normal. I continued
to serve as Bobby’s personal slave and assisted James as before.
On occasion Bobby would take me into his bed and I was very happy
I started to notice changes in Bobby’s behavior but did not take
too much notice of it as it did not directly affect me. Now that
he was the Master of the house, he became a lot more assertive and
he had little patience with slaves who transgressed even in a minor
way. Three slaves were sent to SSI to be flogged for what were
really minor infractions. Maybe he was trying to emulate his
brother. The slaves became wary of him, even more so than they had
been of Rick, probably because he was less predictable.James took me aside one day and informed me that Bobby had attended
an auction at SSI and had purchased another slave, who was due to
arrive at the estate that afternoon. The new slave, whose name was
Travis (hardly a slave name in my view) turned out to be a very
good looking eighteen year old who had been enslaved for drug
dealing. He was about 5′8′’ tall, weighed about 140 lbs, and had a
trim firm body. His dark hair had not been mutilated but was cut
uniformly short and it suited him. He had been fitted with small
brass earrings and the collar he wore was a lightweight bronze
alloy one about half an inch wide and about a sixteenth of an inch
thick. I had to admit he looked good even in his slave uniform.
That evening Bobby asked James to come to his office and when James
returned, he informed me that Bobby had decided that Travis would
assume duties as his personal slave and had instructed James to
arrange for me to report in the morning to Cato for whom I would
work full time in future on the estate. —————————
————————-Bobby’s betrayal of me, as I saw it, was like a knife in the heart
at the time but I came to realize that it was not a slave’s place
to judge his Master’s actions and that a slave had a duty to accept
whatever his Master decided was to be his fate.Cato occasionally takes me into his bed and I am happy.
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